Additional documentation of release

He May Be Your Man (But He Comes To See Me Sometimes) US 40852 Sep-22 MTR 19220826p13
Wicked Fives US 41077 Mar-23 MTR 19230224p41
You've Got Everything A Sweet Mama Needs (But Me) US 41407 Sep-23 MTR 19230825p36
Satisfied Blues US 41496 Oct-23 MTR 19230929p49, also Oct US Bulletin
Double Crossin' Daddy US 41539 Nov-23 MTR 19231027p49
You've Got Everything A Sweet Mama Needs (But Me) QRS 2233 Aug-23 Really July 1923 - see MTR 19230630p40
Satisfied Blues QRS 2381 Sep-23 MTR 19230825p35
Four Flushin' Papa US 42874 May-25 MTR 19250425p35
Whip It to a Jelly International 93625 Apr-27
Whip It to a Jelly QRS 3909 May-27 MISSING QRS Ledger - laid out 5/6/1927
Whip It to a Jelly Imperial 06549 Aug-27 QRS Ledger - laid out 5/24/1927
Percolatin' Blues QRS 4103 Dec-27 Probably recorded 19270927 (contract) MTR 19271126 - Ledger - Laid out 10/8/27
Fowler's Hot Strut QRS 4385 Sep-28
Steppin' Ol' Fool QRS 4469 Dec-28
Down and Out Blues QRS 4471 Dec-28
Gin Mill Blues QRS 4580 Apr-29
Number Runner's Blues QRS 4678 Jun-29
Jealous Mama Blues QRS 4850 Feb-30 MISSING
L & N Blues QRS 4870 Mar-30
Showin' Out QRS 4885 Apr-30 No registered copyright
Squabblin' the Blues QRS 5050 Jan-31
Scat, Mr. Sweetback QRS 5245 Aug-31 1 copy found by Perry 2019
Delia QRS 5328 Jan-32 MISSING No copyright